I am mesmerized by the incredible beauty of orchids – have you ever looked at one up-close and studied all of the amazing details that are found in just one tiny flower? Each one is unique – like a fingerprint, their ‘veins’ criss-cross in patterns around the petals. They have animal-like qualities that are even captured in the anatomic names for their parts – they have a ‘throat’ and ‘lips’ (And sometimes those ‘lips’ even have beautiful little curly-cue ‘whiskers’, as I like to call them – Their very own Fu Man Chu beards!)  

They are so delicate, some would even call them quite fickle, or even ‘moody’ – like the Divas of the flower world.  Water them or tamper with them too much and they wilt – but, don’t give them enough attention or put them in the improper place to get just the right amount of sun & warmth, and they whither away on you. It’s a matter of finding the perfect balance and giving them just what they need to stay happy and blooming.

I woke up this morning to find the sun shining on some orchids in our kitchen and felt inspired to capture them in photographs – the following are a few of my favorites of our fickle little Divas…

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